Modular weights with 800 kg. basic weight

800 kg
800 kg Basic Weight
400kg, module A
400 kg, module A
1200 kg
Composite weight 1200 kg

600 kg, module A
600 kg, module A
1400 kg
Composite weight 1400 kg
Configuration basic steel weight 800 kg.
  Modern and compact design.
  Width is Cat2.
  Including balls Cat3 - hole Cat2.
  Including storage box
  Because of the design, the interference with the standard lights of the tractor is as little as possible.
  Including top link pin and clip.
  Including towing hook.
  MColor: Agco-grey, Claas-grey, John Deere-green, black.
  Standard equipped with Zuidberg logo.

  Implement carrier combined with modulair basic steel weight 600 KG and 800 KG
 - Width is Cat2.
 - Color: black
 - Remarks: Maximum weight of 2000 kg. in the hooks of the optional implement carrier.

Implement carrier (front)

Implement carrier (rear)
  Weight carrier for modules 400 KG (module A) and 600 KG (module A)

Example weight carrier including module

Weight carrier (front)

Weight carrier (rear)

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